CARES Facilitator Spotlight: Shankavi Selvanathan

Hi There! My name is Shankavi Selvanathan and I have been part of SAAAC for a year now. I am a Registered Kinesiologist by profession and the founder of a wellness clinic, HRIM Wellness. I have been in the health and wellness field for over 5 years and I am continuously working on impacting the lives of many. My passion for empowering individuals to understand the value of their mental and physical health is what drew me into becoming a SAAAC Cares facilitator. SAAAC provides families with an 8-week program to help caregivers support the development of a child with an autism or special needs diagnosis. Over the course of the program, we have round table discussions about topics such as stress, self-compassion, helpful thinking and more.

My very first experience of being a CARES facilitator was truly a heart-warming one. Hearing the obstacles and difficulties that caregivers encounter day-to-day, and watching them develop and apply new strategies is truly inspirational. The transformation from orientation day, to our final day of the program is an opportunity I hope that many caregivers should consider. Reconnecting with caregivers who have completed this program speaks volumes of how the program impacts their lives beyond the 8 weeks.

To me, the SAAAC Cares program is a program that truly shows that not all superheroes wear capes! Caregivers are the backbone for children with special needs and the support and skills we share are the pillars for better mental health. 

Stomp on stigma and let’s embrace the beauty of how unique we all are!

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