CARES Facilitator Spotlight: Sahana Jeyakumar

I am a social worker and psychotherapist that has had the opportunity to work with SAAAC and their families since 2016. Consequently, I’ve learnt a lot about what a culturally responsive service looks like. CARES is a great example of this responsive nature.

Being a CARES facilitator, I’ve seen the resilience that caregivers have along with the challenges and barriers that they face when caring for a child with special needs. I’ve had the opportunity to listen and learn about these family’s stories and how they navigate such complicated care systems. I’ve seen first hand the empowerment and confidence they gain by having the space to share their stories with families that can relate. Learning skills to cope with stress along with practicing how to share their stories are a few of the benefits that can be expected for participants. Some of the benefits of being a facilitator includes fostering and nurturing therapeutic skills along with being part of a family centered approach.

I continue to be inspired by fellow facilitators, SAAAC staff and clinical team for their commitment to families and their children. Moreover, I look forward to listening and learning to our families’ stories. 

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