CARES Facilitator Spotlight: Ragavan Paranchothy

I am a communications consultant by trade and a mental health advocate by passion. SAAAC CARES to me, has been an incredible journey of learning and sharing as a facilitator since 2017. I have met many great individuals from several walks of life, all united by a common thread – caregiving and its impact on their well-being. Our conversations about individual experiences, societal norms, mental health, and life have always been enlightening. Furthermore, witnessing a positive transformation in the participants from their first day to the last is gratifying. The program leaves a lasting and life-changing impact on many of the participants.

CARES empowers and enables the participants to look at daily life situations differently. In addition, the program fosters a community bond amongst the participants and creates a sense of belonging. It is a safe space where one can speak freely without the fear of judgement. To many, it is more than a reprieve from the daily grind; it is a joyous retreat to self-care.

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